Why Ageless Institute of Aesthetics?

After being the leaders in the aesthetic clinic market in Mumbai, for over 10 years, the AgeLess Clinic team has now established a training institute to impart this extensive knowledge of the aesthetic industry to help train and educate professionals in this field who will stand apart from their competition with the sheer knowledge and experience they gain through us. In our experience running aesthetic clinics we have observed that candidates who have done training at the existing schools come out with just superficial theoretical knowledge – they do not have the hands-on experience and most importantly the confidence that practice imparts. So we usually have to train them again from scratch. We are here to change this – when you graduate from AgeLess Institute you will be trained and sought after for both your theoretical knowledge and practical experience – setting you apart in the industry and job-market.

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About the Aesthetic Industry

Aesthetics is an exciting field where you get to blend your artistic skill with theoretical knowledge and the latest constantly evolving technology – not many careers can afford you this opportunity. Medical Aesthetics market in India is growing at approximately 30% per annum! Do not miss out. This is not just an India trend, Medical Aesthetics is a hot field in all countries around the world and the market is all set to grow much more

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