If you’re a fresher looking for the next exciting new career opportunity or if you’re a Doctor of any stream, aesthetician, receptionist, marketing professional, centre administrator looking to increase your skill set and pay check, Ageless Institute of Aesthetics is your answer.

As the industry grows, the search for professionals grows as well

Our students have made back their fee investments in as little as 1 to 2 months, making these courses one the best ways to climb up the Medical Aesthetics field ladder and make 2x to 3x your current pay cheque.

Medical Aesthetics market in India is growing at approximately 30% per annum! Do not miss out. This is not just an India trend; Medical Aesthetics is a hot field in all countries around the world and the market is all set to grow much more.

Aesthetics is an exciting field where you get to blend your artistic skill with theoretical knowledge and the latest constantly evolving technology – not many careers can afford you this opportunity.

Career Highlights

  • High pay scale
  • Fast job growth
  • Tremendous employment potential (due to lack of experienced staff)
  • Job stability (cash positive businesses with high growth rate)
  • The opportunity to be an independent professional/ freelancer if that’s what you desire

When you have completed your course at AgeLess Institute of Aesthetics we are there to assist you in Job Placement within the industry - we leverage our relationships for you – if you don’t do well, we don’t do well – your success is all that we are there for.