About Management

This course is designed for Managers, Marketing Executives, Entrepreneurs or just about anyone interested in Medical Aesthetics from a business perspective. We start by training you on the fundamentals of skin, body and hair. We then teach you about the range of treatments and technologies used by top Aesthetic Clinics in detail - the pros and cons, skin care ingredients and everything else you need to know to make you an Aesthetic Industry ‘insider’. We will also be training you on the internal workings of a clinic like customer grievances, employee scheduling, staff¬ management and so much more.

Our 'Foundation Course' is the beginning no matter which course you select. It is the basis of everything that we feel is essential to know. Just knowing how to give a great Facial for example will only get you so far – there is so much more you need to know to be successful. We have designed our Foundation Course to give you an edge in the industry and job market.

Management Courses