Interested in Medical Aesthetics from a business perspective? This is the right course for you.
Medical Aesthetics is a fast-growth industry with a huge demand for trained staff¬. Almost no training academy focuses on this side, so most of the talent pool has had to learn on the job which is inefficient for the clinic as well as the candidate with many dropping out or getting fired due to unstructured learning/mismatch in expectations.

This course is designed for Managers, Call Centre Staff, Receptionists, Marketing Executives, Entrepreneurs or just about anyone interested in Medical Aesthetics from a business perspective. PR and Marketing executives, content writers, journalists, bloggers this is a course for you all as well – you can become a ‘Medical Aesthetics Expert’ – there are not too many out there and there is a huge demand for this sort of talent.


This Course will have 2 batches to choose from based on your convenience

  • Weekday Batch: 20 days- 140 Hours
  • Weekend Batch: 30 days- 120 Hours


No prior experience necessary. Basic understanding of English required.


Duration Weekday Batch: 20 days
Weekend Batch: 30 days
Certification YES
Training Material YES
Evaluation YES
Language English & Hindi


We start by training you on the fundamentals of skin, body and hair from an Aesthetic perspective. We then teach you about the range of treatments and technologies used by top Aesthetic Clinics in detail - the pros and cons, skin care ingredients and everything else you need to know to make you an Aesthetic Industry ‘insider’. We will also train you on the internal workings of a clinic like importance of informed consent, record keeping, documentation, customer grievances and so much more.

Some of the course highlights are:

  • Comprehensive understanding of common aesthetic concerns
  • Overview of the universe of available treatments and technologies – we will demystify how lasers work, the difference between a diode and a Nd:YAG, what botox & fillers are, how they are used and so much more
  • Evaluation and recommendation of treatments based on concerns – when to suggest what
  • Skincare ingredients for in-clinic as well as home care
  • Essential operational issues like the importance of informed consent, record keeping, appointment bookings, billing, taking good before & after images (This Module is Optional depending on your desired job role)
Recommended for: Freshers, experienced executives, managers or entrepreneurs in any field with an interest in the Aesthetics Industry.


All course training materials are included in the price of the course